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New York City is home to the best pizza, like this grandma pie at GG's.

This week was all about the best. The best food cities, pizza, roast beef sandwiches and beer. We also found out whether or not a sausage griller could also handle eggplants, carrots and bananas. We learned about what goes into a sumo wrestler’s diet and shared an Indian meal with a Pakistani-American comedian. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. This country is full of great food cities. Which are the best of the best? (And if you’re third tier, that’s more like bronze medalist, so calm down, Houstonians!)
  2. We were sent a sausage grill, so we decided to test it out with eggplants, bananas, carrots and actual links on Facebook Live.
  3. The best pizza is found in New York City. What makes these pies superior to all others?
  4. What does Charleston chef Craig Deihl think of pig heads? Find out on the latest episode of Strong Opinions.
  5. In Big American Cookbook, Mario Batali goes on a culinary road trip, mapping out his favorite bites. These are his favorite regional roast beef sandwiches.
  6. In today’s America, religion is no laughing matter. Except when comedian Ahmed Bharoocha chimes in. Join us for lunch with the emerging star at L.A.’s Badmaash.
  7. The founder of Allagash Brewery in Portland, Maine, only drinks the brewery’s witte.
  8. GMOs have been the subject of much debate in America. However, survey says most Americans don’t care that much.
  9. This sausage pita is packed with flavor. Make it at home.
  10. What do sumo wrestlers eat to get so big? This special soup, balanced with meats and vegetables.